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Sometimes we wish we could start our life all over again. Correct some mistakes, make our dreams come true, even become a totally different person. All this is possible in the Sims! Here you can create your own character, unique from head to toe. And not only in appearance, but also in personality. So, let’s start playing?

Create a character from scratch!

To start your virtual life, you first need a character. You can choose any of the ready-made residents of the city, but it’s not as interesting as creating your own. Moreover, you can customize literally everything – the shape of the nose, the length of the eyelashes, the skin tone and the features of the figure. You can also choose several outfits for each hero, which they will change depending on the occasion and season. But in this game character customization isn’t limited only to facial features and clothes – you can also choose any traits from those available to come up with a truly inimitable, living and breathing person that will behave just like in real life.

Unique appearance, character and talents!

For instance, if you choose your character to be absent-minded, you will often see him or her freeze or stumble on a flat spot, forgetting where they were going and generally creating chaos around. Excitable heroes will express their enthusiasm for any reason, and in the menu of neurotic ones you will often see icons like “did I turn off the tap?”. There are also special traits that give the character a penchant for a particular type of activity. Natural cooks prepare the most delicious dishes, and those with musical or artistic talents will show more progress in mastering the piano or experimenting with the easel.

Find a home, job and friends!

And yes, there are a whole lot of things to do in the Sims. First of all, you’ll have to get a job because, just like in real life, you will need to pay the bills. The choice of professions is huge – from a local firefighter to a politician. Each profession has a career ladder – for example, you start your career in the police as a regular patrolman, and you can end up as a secret agent. Depending on your success at work, your salary will grow, which means the range of things that you can buy. You can not only move into a new, more spacious home, but also furnish it with the most luxurious furniture. And the more expensive and better the furniture, the better it satisfies the basic needs of the characters (sleep, hunger, hygiene, and so on).

And what to do in your free time? The whole city is at your disposal – a park, a beach, shops and cafes, bars and nightclubs. Here you can meet the locals. Some of them will become your friends, with someone the relationship will not work out right away, but with someone it will be possible to build love and start a family! Discover the amazing world of The Sims and enjoy the game!

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