Sims 2

Do you think it’s possible to live a full life without standing up from your computer chair? Yes, in the Sims 2! This great life simulator will offer you a great variety of ways to spend your time in a hospitable virtual city where you can become anyone and do anything. It all starts with creating your character. Or a whole family of characters. They don’t necessarily have to be relatives, but you can install the respective connections in the genealogical tree. The characters can be of different race, appearance, gender and age.

The menu contains a huge number of options that allow you to customize the looks of your heroes down to the smallest details. It’s not just a selection of predesigned noses, eyes and chins – you can actually regulate their shape and size in all dimensions with the help of sliders. As a result, you get a unique character that looks like nobody else you can meet in the game. The same concerns their personality – you can choose any combination of traits from those available in the menu. Note that some traits are incompatible – for instance, you can’t be shy and flirty at the same time. Which only adds realism to the game.

Well, the family is created, what now? You need to choose a house to live in. Depending on the size of your family, you will be given a starting budget that will allow you to buy one of the places in the city. At first, you won’t be able to afford a luxurious penthouse or a huge mansion, but if you work hard and keep saving up for it, you will eventually be able to move there. The house can be furnished to your liking with things from the store. Make sure you buy the most necessary stuff first – beds, shower cabin, toilet bowl, fridge, stove and TV set.

Why are these the most necessary things? All because your Sims have needs like real people. They get hungry and they need to eat. Food can be found in the fridge and cooked on the stove. Hygiene is also very important – who would want to speak to your character if they stink? So the ability to take a shower is vital. And of course your heroes won’t be able to run around for too long without getting a good night sleep – hence the beds. Note that each item replenishes the character’s needs to a certain extent and that determines its level. You will restore energy faster on an expensive bed than on a cheap one. That’s it, you’re ready to start your new life in the Sims 2! Walk out, find a job, try different hobbies, meet your future friends – and have fun!

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