Sims 4

The Sims series has been around for years, and it hasn’t lost its appeal to thousands of fans. With each version, the developers have made it more and more realistic. The options have become much wider and the whole process of living a virtual life is now hardly different from the real one. If you want to find out what it’s like, it’s time to play The Sims 4!

Just like before, you can create one or several characters with unique appearance and personalities that will be living in the same house. You can set up your own course of time – the length of seasons, the speed of aging or turn it off altogether. Then your heroes won’t be aging on their own, but you will be able to get to the next age stage by celebrating their birthday. All heroes behave themselves according to their age. Kids are all about playing and having fun. Teens have mood swings. Young adults are under the pressure of going to the university and finding a job. And when you already have a stable career and income, you can think about having your own kids. And even when you grow old, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a full life!

The options to spend time in the Sims 4 are simply stunning. The city has plenty of locations to check out. You can have a picnic in the park, play chess, pick up flowers and put them in a vase at home, fish in the local pond. You can drop by a bookstore to buy a handful of fresh exciting editions or skill books that will allow you to learn everything about cooking, computers and photography. There are even notes for musical instruments that you can learn and amaze the listeners with masterfully performed songs.

The local beach is also a great place where you can have ice-cream, lie in the sun, go for a swim and build sand castles. You can rent a boat and sail out into the open sea. You can scuba-dive and enjoy the underwater views. If you’re a fan of night life, there are a whole bunch of places you can visit after sunset – night clubs with tasty cocktails and a neon-lit disco floor, karaoke bars where you can sing your favorite songs, or bowling alleys where you can hone your skills of hitting strikes. And in all of these places, you can meet other characters and make friends with them. Start playing The Sims 4 online right now and you won’t notice the passage of time in the real world!

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