Real people are all different. They have different appearance and characters. And in most online games, you don’t have that much sway over these aspects. At best, some offer you the ability to customize the hero’s looks and that’s it. But what if you could create a totally unique, realistic person in the digital world? Do you think that’s possible? Of course it is if you play the Sims!

A huge number of character traits are available for mastering in the game. They make your residents special and unique. Each personality trait gives the hero twice the number of stars during the passage of stories. You can receive several bonuses at the same time. You can see the character traits in the hero’s menu. The section also shows what conditions must be met to unlock the next ability.

In addition to the basic personality traits of your tenants, some may have another additional trait. This trait of the hero, who was born and raised by your spouses in the game, is what the character gets in childhood. It can be pumped, and after growing up, the hero can actively use it. Childhood personality also gives privileges. Personality traits can only be enhanced by adult main characters. As soon as you make the tenant active, you will be prompted to choose his character traits.

Other citizens may also meet on the map of your city. You can talk to them, make friends, quarrel. In general, perform the usual activities that you do in real life. You can even have a love relationship and start a family. It can be done by either having your own kid, or adopting one from the foster house. And just like in real life, prepare for sleepless nights, because the baby will be crying when their natural needs near a minimum.

Yes, about that. Each character in your family has those needs – they are shown as green bars that gradually decrease and go yellow and then red, which means the need has reached a desperate level and must be satisfied immediately. Like real people, Sims need to eat, sleep, have fun and even go to the toilet (the latter can put you in an awkward situation if you forget to do it on time, although there is no particular need to worry, since your hero will run to the nearest WC immediately if they can’t wait anymore). All this plus plenty of things to do and plenty of characters to build relationships with makes the Sims a really stunning life simulator that can keep you busy for hours! Try and see!

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